May Reading List +Updates

Happy May, may you have a prosperous month!

April was a long ride and one I will never forget, being that of my book release! What an amazing experience, I’m already working on the second book and I’m just so happy to be following my dreams, thank you for the support❤️

In regards to reading for me, I have a shorter list this month as it’s also quite busy. I’ll be attending the Northern Publisher’s Fair, which I can’t wait to have another excuse to buy some more books and meet some fabulous publishers and their authors, it’s in Manchester and free to attend, so come along if you can!

📚Reading List:

青の炎 by Yusuke Kishi
All the Lovers in the Night by Mieko Kawakami
The Fastest Way to Fall by Denise Williams

☕️What are you reading this month?

Finding the balance of good and evil when writing a YA thriller

I noticed trying to find the balance when writing in a dark genre can be a difficult experience.

You want to find the balance of grounding the good and the evil of the story. We all know it’s important in stories to find ways to root for your main character, no matter if they’re the hero or anti-hero.

In my novel THE MONSTERS CLUB, I worked hard on trying to find that balance that many could relate too. In essence, my main protag is narcissistic, wants control of everything and loves a good secret, as close to a sociopath as she could get. However, I tried to still make her out to be the teenager she is. I wanted to make sure it still felt natural, even if she had all these harsher qualities and does some pretty nasty things, I still wanted her to go through typical teen issues and that would be something that could be relatable against all the darkness. She is just a teenager.

Finding this balance can be hard but I think it’s important in a story to balance emotions. Because every feelings has many layers to it, nothing is one way or the other and I wanted to make her humane and even though her darker side is on borderline sociopath, I still made sure to put out her confusing humanity.

I learned so much when writing this book, my first YA thriller and for the second instalment of it, I’m definitely going to be working hard on creating a new balance between layering the good and evil of my characters, it was actually such a fun and challenging experience to balance everybody in such a chaotic plot. Let’s bring on the second book and an even more chaotic storyline!

Do you think there needs to be balance in good and evil within characters?

The Monsters Club is now here!

It’s been a long time coming but my debut YA thriller is now out in the world: THE MONSTERS CLUB!

This is one of the hardest books I have ever written. Not only because of the gory true crime case that inspired my main character but also, this was the first thriller I’d ever written and was full of so many turns and twists – that even I never saw coming when I wrote them! As hard as it was to navigate a new genre, it was also the most fun story because I got to explore a new world and style of writing that I hadn’t before!

Thank you to every person that supports a little author like me, you don’t know how much it means!

You can pick up your copies below!



BTS: The True Crime Case That Inspired THE MONSTERS CLUB! 佐世保女子高生殺害事件

I hadn’t intentionally started out writing the Monsters Club to be inspired by a true crime case but when I discovered this case in particular, something just clicked.

The Sasebo Schoolgirl Murder [佐世保女子高生殺害事件] was a chilling killing that took place in Japan back in 2014, when a 15-year-old schoolgirl killed a fellow student in her apartment. Alongside it being a brutal murder, it was alleged that the killer had posted on an online forum, sharing the gruesome crime.

This case in particular made me analyse the world in a way I never thought this story would go. Originally it was only planned to go a particular way but this story inspired me to write characters that showed a balance of realism and the extraordinary meeting together, in an online world. How we are so close to things these days like we never were before.

In terrible situations such as these, I wanted to create a story, that although does not follow any similar plot to this crime, the primary feelings and effects this story has is what I did decide to share. How murder works in childhood, how it’s perceived and often unbelievable and really get inside the minds of the young killer.

I’m definitely all about realism when it comes to writing thrillers and of course, stories such as these are far but a few, however, this case in particular I wanted to collect the obscure nature and violence this case perceives and wrapped it in a more digestible form. I want to explore the real world, even if through literature and see what we can learn, if anything at at all. Can people change and become better? Can society adapt to reality at all? These were my questions when writing such a novel as The Monsters Club that examines society like a fine spec.

This was was indeed a fascinating case to research and it definitely created a story that looks at good and evil, and all the emotions in between.

The Monsters Club is on Goodreads:

You can also pre-order it here:

BTS of Writing my first YA Thriller THE MONSTERS CLUB inspired by a Japanese true crime case!

As a person so used to writing YA Fantasy’s or those like it, trying out Thriller writing brought on it’s own set of fun and unique challenges I never saw coming.

The idea that struck me to write in such a genre came one day after reading an article about a Japanese true crime case committed by a young girl, who killed a fellow classmate and it became a media sensation given how young the girl was and how brutal the killing appeared. There was something about this case that inspired me to write The Monster’s Club, to look into the mind of adolescence of how it could end up in such a violent state of mind so young.

Although my stories plot is set miles away in the UK at an exclusive private school and tells it’s own unique story of violence, lies and anger. This case definitely inspired the feelings I had when writing this book and trying to get into the mind of my protagonist who had a very dark streak of her own, unbeknownst to all her friends and family.

I also wanted to add a touch of modern living featuring the internet and thus the inspiration behind my main character also living in a world as a hacker was born. I wanted to merge real life and our technological selves into this character and really explore the feelings of the internet age young people feel and how that affects them in real life.

Thrillers are their own beast to write and for more insight into how my main character is I definitely recommend checking out the Sasebo schoolgirl murder to better understand Junie!

Writing a thriller has been fun, challenging and emotional but this story is one of my favourites I’ve ever written because I tried something so new and really tried hard to make it as sharp as I could. I really hope you enjoy it when it releases this April 2022!

You can pre order the book here and be sure to add it to your Goodreads shelf!


Now we have reached the month of April that means my debut thriller novel is not even a month away from release this 21st! To celebrate the month being here, I wanted to share a cool piece of art that was made, that will give you a feel of the book and the darkness that awaits!

I wanted to share a feel of the book through a manga style art piece (since my novel is heavily influenced by manga) and my designer did such a fantastic job of showcasing a small snippet of the actual novel!

I wanted to share some visual depth to the story, this being the first time Yamazaki goes on The Monsters Club website! The blood representing the start of a dangerous adventure none of the characters saw coming. It was so fun to have as I’m also a very visual person and this gives a little insight into one of the characters!

Thank you to everyone that is supporting me and my little story, you are more amazing than you could ever know!

You can pre-order the novel here:

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